About Us

WonderMart Supermarket Private Limited is established with a mission of making a chain of supermarkets in Rajasthan. Now it is one of the Fast growing supermarket in Kota with further openings are in pipeline.

  • We have created a supermarket which is catering to all basic requirements of a family under one roof like food, garments and daily necessities.
  • We are always in rummage around of best business opportunities with renewed business groups.
  • We are committed to provide best customer services, which spark the supermarket presence in Kota.

At WonderMart Supermarket Private Limited we believe our primary responsibility is to operate the best supermarket possible where SHOPPING and WORKING are always a pleasure and where the customer is always provided with quality products at best value.

In a short space of time, WonderMart Supermarket Private Limited has reached earned goodwill and trust of its around 7000 members. Today WonderMart Supermarket Private Limited is a strong competitor to not only local supermarket but to multinational giant Wal-Mart Best Price also and continues to go from strength to strength, building on its ethos that always puts the customer first.

In order to complete this objective, employees at WonderMart Supermarket Private Limited must be willing to commit themselves:

  • To pursue aggressively sales in all departments by giving our customers friendly, helpful service by offering top quality merchandise at fair prices and by keeping our supermarket and facilities clean and neat and in a condition that reflects the pride of WonderMart Supermarket Private Limited.
  • To emphasize value in all aspects of our business, both in products and in service.
  • To continue in attaining the highest level of legal, ethical and social standards.
  • To hire and promote people who are committed to being the best in our line of work.
  • To be totally fair and honest with all people, customers, employees, suppliers and members.
  • To prove that friendliness is compatible with efficiency and that quality is consistent with a reasonable price.

We believe that if we sincerely follow these fundamentals with honesty, fairness and integrity, we will achieve dynamic growth, earn a fair profit and continue to set the standard for excellence in the supermarket industry.

Our Mission

To provide Optimum Customer Service Satisfaction by offering Quality services, Fair Prices, Varity and Total Shopping Convenience.

Our Vision

Is linked with our mission to be the BEST RETAILER and BEST EMPLOYER in each market we operate. Our vision will guide and direct us towards our mission, and communicates what we believe as an operations group.